Working in an Inclusive Environment

Anupam Gupta learning Vehicle ManufacturingWhen you work in your area of passion, your job becomes more interesting and fulfilling.

Just mentioning brand Mahindra is more than enough to generate excitement for any newcomer. When I entered Mahindra as a GET, I had my own perceptions about the organisation. But the induction sessions clarified all our preconceived notions and gave us a clear idea about the vision and mission of the organisation. The presentations conducted by leadership helped me blend into the organisation easily.

Freedom to pursue your interests

When I joined Mahindra, I was assigned to the Design Department. In my first year, I was introduced to a lot of new things and my colleagues were always there to provide guidance. Although working at Design was a great experience, I was always interested to work with the Techno Commercial Department. Mahindra took care of my wishes and a year later I was assigned to CDMM.

Bringing out the Best in You

Challenges make you a better person, personally as well as professionally.  Throughout the 5 year journey at Mahindra, the organization has given me a host of opportunities to learn as well as perform. It started with ABS implementation, under regulatory government norms, moving on to 33 brake bunches, design feasibilities, and a lot more with crunched timelines and running production lines. All of this, along with meeting the set milestones enhanced, not only my product knowledge, but also helped boost my hidden managerial skills.

Maintaining Work-life balance

Equal Opportunities for Everyone

Mahindra provides equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their gender. There is no discrimination at work. The solution-oriented approach of the company is very reassuring. Automobile Manufacturing does seem like a man’s world but every woman working at Mahindra is given an equal chance to grow and prove her talent.

A safe and healthy work environment has always been the key focus area for our company. Backed up with a host of women-friendly policies related to travel safety, POSH internal committee, maternity and many more, working at Mahindra makes you feel secured and helps you focus on work and be productive.

A Life-Changing Experience

Mahindra has changed my life positively in many ways. Despite the work pressure, maintaining a wholesome work-life balance is possible. The lessons learnt here have helped me to tackle challenges in my personal life as well.

Does your work enrich your personal life?

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