Work-Life Balance with Mahindra AFS!

Mahindra AFS Neha Paul Work-life Balance

When it comes to balancing a professional life with family life, the support of the organisation for which you are working is of paramount importance. Right from its HR policies to the overall support of colleagues and senior management, Mahindra AFS as an organisation has always stood beside me!

Early Days at Mahindra

I joined Swaraj (Punjab Tractors Ltd.) in November 2006, right after completing my bachelors in technology in computer science. In 2007, Mahindra acquired Swaraj, and that is how my journey with this organisation started.

When I tell people that I work for the Mahindra group, I take immense pride in saying so!

Belonging to the IT background, I have had a chance to gain incredible learning throughout these 9 years. As an organisation, we always kept our systems in sync with the latest technologies. Working on new platforms and handling material management has given me a vast experience.

Over the years, I have interacted with multiple departments, because of which I have grown, not just professionally, but personally as well!

Work-Life Balance

Like any other working person, work-life integration is an important aspect of my life. Being a manager along with being a mother sometimes gets challenging. However, due to the support of my colleagues and senior management, I can pull off both the roles successfully.

HR policies like Flexi Timings and Work-From-Home have helped me manage my responsibilities at work and home seamlessly.
Communication at Mahindra is not subject to hierarchical barriers. Our senior leaders, including our CEO – Mr Viren Popli, are approachable. There is a sense of comfort while interacting with them. Also, we are encouraged to give suggestions. Some of those are implemented throughout Mahindra AFS.

Mahindra AFS Work-life Balance


The Mahindra Experience

One of my fondest memories with Mahindra is when I got the chance to interact with Mr Anand Mahindra. During our entire conversation, he listened carefully and answered all our queries in a polite manner. The discussion was entirely insightful, and I took out many learnings out of that one interaction.

To sum it up, my experience with Mahindra has been an outstanding one. Along with continuous learning, there is a sense of belonging. I have grown a lot in these past nine years, and I know that there is a lot more left to learn and achieve!

What are you learning every day?

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