What Lies at The Core of Mahindra Businesses?


Rajeev Dubey, the group president (HR & Corporate Services) & CEO (After-Market sector) at Mahindra Ltd. shares insightful wisdom on how you can help your businesses prosper while optimally fulfilling your consumer needs.

All the Mahindra business groups work on a singular mechanism. This is – the Core Purpose. At the centre of it is ‘Shared Values’ that runs through the Mahindra culture and is a major driver of the organisation’s business decisions, strategies, and culture.

The business module is based on the growing prosperity of consumers from which the company generates its own returns. Through various examples, it is evident how Mahindra serves those at the bottom of the pyramid with customized schemes and provisions. The benefits are far-reaching with over 4 Million small entrepreneurs in rural areas in a few years. Mahindra insurance has serviced more than 6 Million insurance cases in 1,50,000 villages across India. Similarly, Mahindra rural housing finance has provided basic housing needs and impacted over 1.5 million people.

All the processes, systems, matrix and mindsets of the organization flow in sync with the Core Purpose and the Rise Pillars of Mahindra – accepting no limits, alternative thinking and driving positive change.

Hence, Mahindra is a whole ecosystem which creates win-win opportunities for the business and its stakeholders.

Watch the video to know more about the core of Mahindra Businesses from Rajeev Dubey!


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