Transforming Challenges into Opportunities!

Anand Mahindra_AFS

The auto industry is always facing disruptive challenges. On the other hand, the tractor industry cannot be separated from the ups and downs of the rural economy and has to keep evolving to meet the farmer’s needs.

So, how does Mahindra AFS tackle situations pregnant with challenges as well as possibilities?

At Mahindra group, we are taking all the right actions to tackle such situations. We are successfully coping with the considerable challenges. We have enhanced our technology and have marked our international presence by embracing global businesses. And, we have still maintained our leadership position in our domestic businesses. Besides that, the existing businesses have continued to grow and simultaneously new emerging businesses are being nurtured.

Most importantly, we are harnessing our human talent optimally to provide for a known present as well as an unpredictable future. And in spite of the uncertainties and unknowns, our group’s collective actions are going to be greatly rewarding!

In this video, Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group, throws lights on how Mahindra AFS nurtured these challenges as seeds of opportunities to give a spectacular performance in FY16!


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