Thriving in a Dynamic Environment

Mahindra AFS Prem Mishra

Opportunities and dynamic challenges coming our way leave no room for monotony at Mahindra.

Nurturing Possibilities

Mahindra has given a voice to some of the most far-fetched aspirations I had during college. The constant drive to innovate found support in initiatives like ‘100 Patents’, and today I am proud to have acquired my first patent registration. Also, I am in the process of applying for two more registrations.

This constant search for innovation doesn’t let monotony creep into work. Two years at Mahindra, and I have never been through a moment of boredom. We have regular contests to hone our professional skills. I won the competition- ‘Kaun Banega Management Guru’ Season 02 and received the trophy by Dr. Pawan Goenka. Similarly, I got a chance to participate in ‘Kaun Banega Engineering King (KBEK)’ and stood as the winner of KBEK Edition 05. While these may seem small things in an everyday work environment, these little moments of joy is what makes working at Mahindra an exceptional experience!

Also, I got an opportunity to continue my auto passion from college to corporate by participating in BAJA, an automobile competition organised by Mahindra. We are encouraged to grab each opportunity to learn and realise our passions.

Mahindra AFS Prem Mishra

Empathetic Environment

An empathetic environment fuels your work where support from senior management is instrumental. With a culture that blends discipline and affinity, work is fun. A senior, who could be reasonably called uncompromising when it comes to reviews and meetings, is pleasant to interpersonal connections.

Every difficulty that we face is looked upon with a personalised approach. The management’s openness to suggestions while seeking assistance is what encourages communication among employees.

Monthly events and team celebrations, such as birthdays, Spot Recognition, Team Building games, are some of the other dynamic events that perk up the environment at R&D Nashik.

Mahindra AFS Prem Mishra

Welcoming Families

Mahindra is synonymous with Trust; it not only values their employees as a family but also recognises an employee’s family in its ambit. On 2nd October, every year, we celebrate the Founders’ Day at Mahindra. Manifestations of this day range from CSR activities to Technological Exhibition. Our families are invited on that day and familiarised with the work culture.

In a nutshell, Mahindra shapes an environment that radiates passion at work and prospers knowledge in abundance, which in no doubt results into the Best Place to Work.

What are you passionate about at work?


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