India Agriculture Awards: Tales of Inspiration

In hopes of setting up a fully functional pineapple farm in Dimapur, Nagaland, a woman took a loan to build her farm. However, it takes nearly two years for these delicious fruits to show any yield. So, in order to keep herself afloat and pay back the money she borrowed, she planted turmeric and upland rice along with bananas on the boundaries of her farm. She thus became the first farmer from Dimapur to adopt intercropping.

This strategy helped her earn a steady income even during the off-season. Later, she planted on slopes in double rows. As a result, not only did production increase but labour time and input costs were saved. Inspired by her, soon enough, other women wanted to get in the act of intercropping.

The woman who started it all, in a small Nagaland town, was Ms. Veikhochong Misao and her contributions to the farming community won her the Mahindra Samriddhi Krishi Prerna Award in 2012 for ‘The Lady Farmer’ of the year.

Every year, we at Mahindra AFS, honour the individuals who have helped develop agricultural productivity in the country. The India Agri Awards ceremony is held annually to provide a stage that credits the best in the industry with a platform to share the best practises in agriculture. After all, agricultural prosperity is the key to strengthening India’s growth on the world socio-economic map.

As an organisation, we take the utmost pride in hosting ‘The India Agri Awards’, an initiative from Mahindra Samriddhi. Today, there are over 155 Samriddhi Centers, which help in educating the Indian farmers about technological inputs and contemporary solutions to farming issues.

Over the years, we at Mahindra AFS have been able to provide insurance products, sell and maintain tractors and implements for farmers. We also run productivity demo farms, and soil and irrigation water testing facilities.

Till date, more than 150,000 farmers have benefited through our Samriddhi Centers and by 2020, we aim to increase that number to 10 million. And, the agricultural community hopes so too. After all, the industry needs more heroes who change the industry for the better. Just like Ms. Misao!


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