Rising Together and Changing Lives



I have always felt a sense of pride while working at Mahindra. When you are working here, you know that your contribution is valuable and you are doing your part to drive positive change around you!

From the early days of my life, I have been an auto enthusiast. I have worked with global automobile companies, and I am currently heading spare part functions for Mahindra Trucks and Buses Division.

I have been a part of this organisation for quite some time now. When I am asked what made me re-join the organisation, my answer is always the sense of pride. Mahindra is challenging global and local maestros of the automobile industry with its unconventional thinking and rightly placed aggressiveness.

Mahindra has a sense of strong compliance deeply embedded in its systems. Law abides our actions, and a lot of importance is placed on ethics. With ample involvement in social initiatives, I know that Mahindra is doing its bit to touch lives of the people. I know that my actions are directly affecting someone’s life positively and that feeling is something that continuously inspires me to do better!

Another motivating factor for my team and I is the way rewards and recognitions take place at Mahindra AFS. There are different types of rewards and recognitions here – both tangible as well as intangible. More than anything else, such actions give a sense of pride to the employees. They tell the employees that the company cares about and values their efforts. Personally speaking, it makes a lot of difference. I have seen it in myself as well as in my team.


There are people who are working relentlessly behind the scenes. These people make or break any project and initiative. With the help of effective reward schemes at Mahindra, it feels great to be a part of this organization!

If I ask my team about their prime motivation factor, it will be clarity in terms of everything. The communication process here at Mahindra is robust. Every employee knows where they are heading to in their careers, and if they are unclear, Mahindra gives ample resources for proper guidance.

One of my fondest memory at Mahindra is when I, along with the entire team, was able to restructure an entire department which was going through a bad phase. Customers who were earlier complaining about the service of the department became ambassadors for the quality of our work. My team and I received recognition for it from the leaders. We were at the top of our game, and have never looked back since then!

For me, Rise is about uplifting yourself along with uplifting the people around you. Rise means to ensure that our customers rise by using our products and services. Millions of people are attached directly or indirectly to Mahindra. We are truly changing lives positively, and that is what Rise philosophy is all about!

So, when was the last time you observed Rise?

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  • Nandkishor Sharma

    September 17, 2017 at 8:26 am Reply

    The way you guided team n took out best of each one, is possible to great leader only.
    You did this as leader n gives credit to whole team, this is your simplicity n greatness.

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