Rising into the Future with Arvind Mathew



I have always been very passionate about cars and a bit of a techno geek. While at university, I knew I wanted to work in the automobile industry, and maintained a very clear objective of working for Ford Motor Company. After spending two decades working in Asia, Europe, and the United States, at various Ford subsidiaries, I decided to shift my focus to sustainability. I firmly believed that humanity was taking our planet to the point of no return, and I switched my focus to the fields of renewable energy and light-weight materials. Somewhere, I knew that electric vehicles were going to be the future of mobility, and when I was offered a position at Mahindra Reva, I jumped at the opportunity to leverage my varied experience in this quickly developing field.

No two cultures are alike and global exposure provides an intense appreciation of different perspectives and thought processes. My experience at Ford – both, hardcore engineering and launching products in various markets – has taught me that robust planning, process discipline, and a sharp focus on customer requirements, are critical success factors in any industry. It’s all about creating a fine balance between continuous innovation and delivering a quality product that provides value for the customer.

Rising-Future-RevaThough I am rather new to the Mahindra group, I have to say that the culture is very refreshing – it promotes teamwork, innovation, and has a very positive attitude towards change, and even failure. Strict process disciplines in any environment often turn innovators into small cogs in a giant wheel – the key to success at Reva is optimizing the start-up nature of an R&D organization while maintaining strict process disciplines on product development, quality, and manufacturing. With the electric mobility industry evolving so rapidly, where both technology and market dynamics are changing, we must take utmost care to design, engineer, and manufacture products that will thrill and excite our customers.

I see electric mobility becoming the norm, even in India. It’s not far in the future that electric vehicles will share our roads with more traditional products. At Mahindra, we intend to accelerate that transformation.

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