The PLUS In The Bolero Power+


The history should always be a part of the present and a lesson for the future. The Bolero is a blend of all the three in the same.

The classic Mahindra Bolero has been taking the Best SUV award home for the last ten years. After being in the pursuit of revamping this SUV, Mahindra group has finally launched the Bolero Power Plus. The President of Mahindra Automotive Business, Pravin Shah announced the launch of the Mahindra Bolero Power+ in its 3 trim levels- SLE, SLX and ZLX.

In his exact words, the Bolero Plus is “A peppier ride with better manoeuvrability”.


The Plus Factor

Aptly christened, this version of Bolero is a first of its kind. The plus factor mainly points to the heightened power, 13% more to be exact, that it has to offer. All of which comes from the brand new mHawk D70 engine that throws a power of 70 bhp with a torque of 195Nm. For all those budget cutters out there, the mileage has also increased by a total of 5%!

Up your tech with Bolero+

This Bolero+ is filled with additional interface friendly systems that will make your ride a smooth one. The voice messaging system is set to be your companion through your adventurous rides. Besides, the fuel-efficient Micro-Hybrid System, only in ZLX, is now one of the many features that make Bolero a must buy for all. The DIS will keep you up to date with the basic vehicle info and problems and you can now feel like a mechanic of your own car!

The Roots Remain As Strong As Ever

The Bolero+ might be a hot topic right now but the previous Bolero is not forgotten. The new Bolero is taken a notch above while keeping the original Bolero’s roots in mind. The legendary Bolero has evolved into a much stronger, faster and more efficient version of the previous vehicle. No compromises follow this launch, not even the length which is comparatively shorter but still avails the comfortable 7-seater SUV.

This is a grand opportunity for all SUV lovers to get their hands on the brand new Bolero+ at parallel rates with exceptional upgrades!

Ready to experience a new adventure?

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