Paving Roads to Excellence

Priyanka Khade's diverse roles at Mahindra

The diverse work profile ranging across departments has made my Mahindra experience a spectacular sequence of achievement-filled moments.

A World of New Avenues

Flexibility to switch job latitudes makes each day challenging. Despite studying electronics, my work extends to production, mechanics and quality control. The liberty to expand horizons makes my job profoundly engaging.

I believe that accepting challenges and overcoming them is imperative to be a part of Mahindra. Working in manufacturing entails extensive fieldwork. I get an opportunity to leverage my work with robots and installations.

Also, the manufacturing department necessitates thorough teamwork. We have overcome personal limitations and play on team’s strengths to accomplish our targets.


Priyanka Khade environement in manufacuring sector

Encouragement at Each Step

I’ve found Mahindra to have a catalytic impact on my morale. Completing my first audit got me appreciation from our Head of Department. It was an overwhelming moment, to say the least.

Besides work, Mahindra organizes other periodical competitions. A sustainability competition is one such platform that saw me rubbing muscle with other employees. It helped me deal with my stage fright that’s been lingering since childhood. Another commendable feat was winning the Fire Fighting Competition.

An alternative platform I accessed was the much-coveted award from the Institute of Engineers. Winning the ‘Lady Engineer Award’ was a landmark achievement for me.

Changing Perceptions

I was the first female maintenance engineer when I joined Mahindra in 2014. Being the only female employee, it felt rewarding to have received immense support from the management. In fact, every time I would face a problem, my manager would encouragingly put me in the right direction.

Thanks to all the stakeholders in my journey, today, I work as Assistant Manager in Paint Shop.

Priyanka Khade winning Lady Engineer Award

The two year journey has chronicled the many challenging experiences I’ve locked horns with, in a department that’s generally seen to be skewed towards male employees. This journey of breaking stereotypes has helped me evolve in my personal and professional life. Mahindra has stood by me through and through.

When has your organization stood by your challenges?


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