Nanhi Kali: Educating the girl child


Nanhi Kali-Girl Education

Would you educate someone if you had the platform?

When was the last time you shelled out some amount to make a difference in someone else’s life?

We, at Mahindra Automotive and Farm Equipment Sectors (AFS), strongly believe in making a difference in the society we live in and making it a better place in every way we can. Nanhi Kali is one such initiative where we provide our employees with a voluntary option of donating a small amount every year to adopt a girl child and sponsor her education.

Nanhi Kali-Girl Education

Over 78,000 underprivileged girls across 9 states provided with academic and material support

Want us to tell you how it feels to make a difference in someone’s life?

In the true spirit of the act, you have to be a part of AFS to experience it! It’s an absolute moment of happiness and pride when you get the report card of a girl you haven’t seen, haven’t met, but know that she is doing well in her academics. Just knowing that she has her future secured will bring a smile to your face like it does to ours.

This year, we have over 1 lakh Nanhi Kali’s soaring high with the wings that YOU have provided.

And, what better way to make this society a better place than to educate someone?

Over the years, KC Mahindra Education Trust has undertaken several education initiatives which make a difference in the lives of these deserving yet needy students. One of our initiatives being Nanhi Kali is specifically for the girl child.

It is a project jointly managed by KC Mahindra Education Trust and Naandi Foundation. Under the pledge for a better society, over 78,000 underprivileged girls across 9 states have been provided with academic and material support.

How did we know that our Nanhi Kalis had a thirst for knowledge?

The government of India statistics reveals that only 3 out of 10 girls who enter class 1 complete class 10. While enrolment rates of girls are improving marginally in India, dropout levels remain alarmingly high. At primary school level, over 45% of girls drop out of school, and this increases to over 73% by the time they have reached class 10. We were able to retain more than 90% of them.

Our cause received a great response, in FY12 with over 8000 individuals and corporate donors such as Capgemini, HPCL, J&J, GSK, Sterlite, Titan, BACS, EClerx, JM Financials and HDFC supporting us. Under Mahindra AFS, over 800 employees voluntarily contributed towards Nanhi Kali.

Nanhi Kalis constantly surprise us with their performance in standard 10. However, these high potential girls who pass out 10th grade need some mentoring for their next step forward. This is where the Nanhi Kali Club comes in the picture.

Nanhi Kali Club is a unique and new addition that is being planned for Nanhi Kali alumni who pass out of 10th standard. These girls are offered to mentor the younger girls and teach them subjects that have a low faculty supply in the market. This gives the older girls a means to employment, while at the same time giving the younger girls access to better tuitions.

Nanhi Kali gives the girl child a chance that she deserves to relieve her off the ‘burden’ tag. It creates a sense of confidence and achievement in them. Nanhi Kalis never fail to make us proud!

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