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When you are moved from your area of comfort to a completely new area, you are bound to be in a tight spot. However, if your company empowers you and guides you through teething troubles, you are destined to grow.

I joined Mahindra AFS three and a half years back as a product manager. When I got a call for the interview at Mahindra AFS, I had several things in my mind. For me, Mahindra AFS was a company based on always going beyond limits. I knew Mahindra AFS is the company that will give this industry a new path, and that is exactly when I thought this is THE company to be in!

As soon as I joined Mahindra AFS, I got a chance to work with Mahindra AFS Trucks and Buses Business. The role was a challenging one since I came from a sales background, and here I was given an opportunity in the product design department. But the good part was, I could combine what the customers want to what we, as an organisation, were trying to create.

I had several questions in my mind. I was puzzled. However, the professional environment here was so welcoming
and motivating that I could cope up with everything in a very short span! The culture here motivates you to do
more. The company makes sure you get challenges and new opportunities every day to push your boundaries and enable you to keep growing.

Mahindra AFS-Potential-Bhushan BansalAfter a year and a half, I was shouldering huge responsibilities! Has it been stressful? Absolutely not! In fact, if I have to describe my journey in 2 words, it has been fulfilling and full of learning! In fact, the exposure has been so high, if someone from some department has a query, the first name that comes to their mind is Bhushan Bansal. Personally, I consider this as a one of my biggest achievements.

My bit as a project manager is to create and manage a winning product portfolio. The level of empowerment that exists here, I have personally not experienced it anywhere else.  My role is to deliver concept to cash. The product should give satisfaction to the customer as well as the organisation. It should be a win-win situation!

My moment of greatness was definitely when I received my first Rise award. It was for the first product I made, the Truxo 37. It was a game changer product for the company! My boss showed immense faith in me and supported whenever needed with thorough empowerment. This gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted. There were no walls, none at all. If your idea is positive and if you are willing to take the efforts, you will get the appreciation. Mahindra AFS gives you that guarantee.

Rise, as a philosophy means a lot to me. In a product manager role, you will meet new challenges every day. There are new things, opportunities, and obstacles and my daily motivation is to overcome them! In just a period of four and a half years, my scales have grown exponentially! This is what the philosophy of RISE does for you.

How have you grown in your organisation?

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