Maintaining work-life balance with Mahindra AFS


The fact that the Mahindra AFS cares so much for the women employees makes us feel important and makes us feel proud to be in an organization like this!

It has been around 4 years since I’ve joined MTBD at Mahindra AFS. As an outsider, Mahindra seemed to be an extremely young and energetic company. And that’s what drove me to join this company. Moreover, the best part is that the drive still exists in me! Every year we are ranked in the ‘Great Places to Work’ category, and hence it is a well-accepted fact that this place is definitely a great place to work!

Being a married woman, I have to balance my personal and professional life and the organisation understands this aspect of our life. When the work-life integration policy was introduced, I was indeed the happiest person! I live quite far from where I work. My daily travel includes 50 km, and travelling from one part of the city to another is quite a struggle every day. Hence, policies such as flexible timing and short working Saturdays serve nothing less than a boon for me.

Recently, I was on a maternity leave for 6 months. Usually, you get to enjoy a leave of 3 months. However, my manager was kind enough to help me extend it. After I became a mother, policies such as work from home have come across as a saviour! The company allows you to take two days’ work from home on certain days of a month. This helps me give enough time to my family, especially my little one and still finish work. The company makes sure you do not face difficulties during the initial years of your child. What more can a mother ask for?

To be honest, my family is absolutely gaga over these policies. Policies like Flexi Time helps an employee by giving the flexibility to either come early and leave early or come late and leave late while maintaining the core working hours of 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM!


One of my happiest moments at Mahindra AFS was when I resumed after my maternity leave. The day I stepped in, I could witness happy faces. Even in open forums, people had commented how much they missed my work. The fact that my absence was felt makes me feel like a part of the team, part of a bigger purpose and is something I take immense pride in.

At Mahindra, we live Rise every day. Being in the communication field, we bring different communication channels to our audiences. To stir a positive change, I help employees connect with leaders and enable various platforms to do so.

The work-life integration policies resonate with Mahindra’s philosophy to provide an empowering environment to their employees. Mahindra being a manufacturing company, the challenge it stands to overcome is to attract and retain women employees. With flexible working and work from home policies, it has helped us to retain women employees even after maternity leaves!

Do you work in an environment as dynamic as this?

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