Mahindra Samriddhi Helps Reap a Full Harvest

Mahindra Samriddhi

Mahindra Crop Care has evolved with time and now offers world class products for pest, diseases and nutrient management for most crops grown in the country.

Once in Punjab, Mr Pritam Raikot (Ludhiana) faced a situation when his field was on the verge of getting damaged. To resolve the challenge of increased salinity and alkalinity of his soil, he tried various chemical solutions from different companies. However, the outcome didn’t prove to be useful.

It wasn’t until Mr Raikot tried the product, Mahindra F1, that the solution was finally found. It not only saved his crops but also helped him enhance his productivity and profitability.

In its constant efforts to increase farm prosperity with the help of technology, Mahindra stays up-to-date with its product portfolio. The key objective is to produce products that are comparatively safe, organic, and environment-friendly.

The products go through the most stringent of the quality checks before they reach the farmers in their finest quality. With 21 products in insecticides, 11 products in herbicide, 10 products in fungicide, 7 products in the biological category and 2 products in the nutrient segment; the development team at Mahindra repeatedly conducts tests to examine the product quality in actual field conditions.

The analysis is done considering the crop specific environment, and to solve on-field farmer problems. The products help farmers to yield maximum harvest or at least avoid total crop damage with careful advice from the technical team on the practical use of chemical-based crop protection.

In several instances, Mahindra products and people have helped made a significant difference in the life of its farmer and consumers through its people, planet and profits philosophy.

Mahindra Samriddhi is a strongly driven value-based company with a high rating on the sustainability front where the concern for people, planet and profit gets manifested through their range of products, services and knowledge.

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