Mahindra Launches Another MPowered Initiative in UP villages!


Many institutes and business associations are actively trying to develop and bring about a change in the rural life of India. Among them is the Mrida and Mahindra initiative called MPowered Village Programme.

This initiative involves itself to bring a social and agricultural development in villages. The recent activity of this initiative encouraged technological development for the Khabharabhar village.

Mrida as a social business initiative of Mahindra & Mahindra, has constantly been trying to improve the rural parts of India.

This year’s launch inaugurated E-hub where E-Rickshaws were handed over to the villages. Soil cards and health camps were also organized in view with the social and agricultural development.

In 2015, Mrida and Mahindra together launched rural development initiatives in 11 villages. They provided these villages with solar grids and gave them the power to operate on their own. Further developments were based on the same energy source. These solar micro grids were given credit for the start of a unique development.


The villages were lit up and brought to a new light of development. Moreover, this initiative also includes the social change in livelihood generation, skill training and economic enhancement. While keeping in mind the agricultural strength of theses rural areas, MPowered contributes to agricultural developments.

“Since these are rural communities, the focus is also on agri-interventions and providing inputs to ensure that optimal benefits can be derived from the parcel of land that the farmer cultivates,” an MPowered official said.

The programme that was launched on 21st October 2016 was the development phase of the MPowered initiative. With this programme, Mrida and Mahindra encouraged the rural agricultural development through awareness with soil cards. A technological boost to the whole programme was given by the E-vehicles provided to the villages.

Using the solar energy access as the base to this recent launch, MPowered is looking forward to better rural lives!


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