Mahindra Brings Out the Best in You

Rajesh Vishnupurikar Global Sourcing ProjectAlign yourself with the organisation’s goals and great opportunities will come your way

Fostering Innovation

Joining Mahindra was like stepping into a land of opportunities. I started my career in Mahindra as a Vendor Development manager. However, post the organisational restructuring, I got a chance to work with Casting Forging, Engine, and Transmission. The two and a half years that I spent there were challenging and rewarding.

My team and I introduced MNT40. The concept was already in place when I joined, but the drawings weren’t released. We toiled on it for a year and a half, and it has been a huge milestone for our LCV business. This move proved advantageous for us as well as our customers.

Learning Opportunities

I got to learn many valuable lessons from my colleagues. Working with great minds enhances your learning curve extensively. During my one-and-a-half-year stint in the Strategic Sourcing Unit, the purchasing for all the departments at Mahindra was merged. This gave me a chance to work with stalwarts like Hemant Sikka, which was a fantastic experience.

My promotion increased my responsibilities – now, I handle the Engine and Transmission Aggregate. My experience has led me to think not only from the organisation’s point of view but also from the customer’s perspective.

However, learning opportunities at Mahindra extend beyond the organisation. My visit to China for the Global Sourcing Project gave me cross-learning opportunities from Global OEM suppliers. Mahindra, being a global brand, has OEM requirements at par with its Global counterparts. These visits required more preparation and pro-activeness on our part due to language barriers and global standards expected from us.

Grwoth opportunites at Mahindra

Sharpening My Skills

If you have a desire to learn, the organisation will fulfil it. I wanted to pursue an MBA but wasn’t eligible for Strategic alliance due to specific application criteria. However, the leadership still sanctioned my request and supported my dream of completing an MBA from the SP Jain Institute. Apart from financial assistance, I was also given flexible work hours.

While learning Managerial Principles in college, I was simultaneously applying them at work. That really helped in reinforcing my learning.

Constant Growth

The six years that I have spent at Mahindra have been filled with a lot of challenges and experiences. I have also been able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Each role that I was given, bestowed me with tremendous growth opportunities.

If I had to describe my journey with Mahindra, I would call it a life-changing experience.

How would you describe your work experience?

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