Liberty To Extend Your Horizons

Mahindra AFS

Innovation results from freedom and Mahindra gives you ample freedom to spread your wings and explore new possibilities.

All it took was one step into the mesmerizing Mahindra World City, for me to transform from a fresh graduate wary about moving to Chennai, to a young individual beaming with curiosity and willingness to learn. My association with Mahindra renders me immense pride where memories of joining Mahindra are still fresh.

Learning Institution

My Mahindra journey began with training at MTA. The training has imparted values and knowledge that shaped me as a professional. Apart from training us on the technicalities of our jobs, training at Mahindra gave us freedom to explore new avenues. The whole period resembled college days and a swift transformation from college to corporate.

In addition to MTA, Mahindra ran a one month shop floor training at Igatpuri. Learning is not confined to training periods; it happens continuously at Mahindra AFS. On joining Vehicle Energy Management department in MRV, I made a mistake during the testing process. It made me panic, but my Manager Mr. Gopakishore & HOD Mr. Parvez Khan were quite calm about the situation. I was told that making mistakes is alright, as long as you draw an insightful learning from it.

From technical training to learning from mistakes, Mahindra has taught me a lot.

Mahindra AFS

Exploring New Domains

Initially, I was assigned two roles: Vehicle Energy Management and Thermal Systems. Vehicle Energy Management was an unexplored territory for me as well as the organisation. Being unfamiliar with the profile, I was given complete freedom to explore vehicular components and interact with different departments. While working on a new domain, I had the option to venture in multiple directions of simulations and testing.

New roles brought in challenges, but instead of keeping us down, it only compelled us to grow beyond our limits.

Challenges Motivate Us

Each day at Mahindra kicks up new challenges. These challenges motivate us. I stepped into Mahindra, brimming with ideas and curiosity; I got the freedom that I always desired. This culture of liberty fills me with enthusiasm to work every day. Also, words of appreciation have always kept me on my toes.

While working in different areas, I met a supplier who started with a tea stall, and driven by the thirst for knowledge, he climbed the ladder and made it big. Such encounters give us confidence and drive to excel.

As I move ahead, I wish to gain exceptional technological soundness and become everyone’s go-to person in the work I do.

How is work rewarding for you?

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    March 17, 2017 at 9:32 am Reply

    Cherish each moment in MRV. All the best and keep growing along with Mahindra. Well done.

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