Learning from Failed Innovations

Abhijit Raikar Mahindra Leadership

Mahindra, as an organization, reinforces the importance of trying more than succeeding.

In 2003, I joined Mahindra’s Farm Division in the Mumbai R&D department. 15 years later, I am here with more knowledge, experience and lot of memories. I currently work in the Advanced Technology and Service (ATS) department, which is the result of the merger of Auto and Farm Equipment sector. From developing futuristic technologies in ATS to working on fields in Farm Division, Mahindra has given me a comprehensive learning experience.

My Journey at Mahindra

After graduating, I joined Mahindra with an elated feeling of my first professional venture. The experience of working on a live project thrilled me when I saw a car rolling out of the factory. As a fresher, the feeling that Mahindra left me with, pushed me to deliver winning results. If you don’t feel the drive to work, you might not contribute your best.

Since the start, the company and the management created a space for innovation. Also, we always have opportunities to explore beyond our designated areas and projects.

Back in the days, our CEO wanted a dedicated team to work towards a solution for the manpower efficiency for farmers. We worked on the fields for fifteen days to closely see the farmers’ dependency on the ecosystem and their contribution towards the economy. In the end, we delivered apt products and services; whereby we learnt to approach a problem practically, to analyse the dimensions of a problem, and suggest solutions which benefit out end consumers.

The Essence of Mahindra

Mahindra’s leadership, among other things is what distinguishes itself strongly. I got to work with a variety of leaders with crystal clear direction, focus and foresight on customer satisfaction. Vision and ideas by the leadership are communciated and inculcated in us in a systematic way.

What sets Mahindra apart is the continual and unfailing encouragement. Mahindra innovation awards exemplifies this thought. Apart from the three winning categories, there is a fourth category named ‘Failed Innovations Award’ that demonstrates it doesn’t matter if you were unsuccessful, but it does matter that you keep going on.

I remember the patent award that was given to our team by the President of Mahindra. Until the award was bestowed upon us, we did not know the importance and value the company placed on our work. The award yielded positive pressure for us to improve our attempts. I think recognition and support are two sides of the same coin, both are essential in making your employees feel at home and successful.

Abhijeet Raikar on learning and innovation at Mahindra

How Mahindra Enables Wellness

When we initially moved from Bombay to Chennai, the company, particularly the HR team, helped me settle in no time. They took care of our accommodation, commute sources and food services. When you move states, it is a cultural shock. They provided us with a shuttle to go out of town and watch a movie every weekend. Each of us was given a vehicle and could take it outstation thrice a month. The company comforted our presence in the new place.

Mahindra even provided financial help. The company helped us find our house while covering the rent deposit. 4% of the house loan is relieved by Mahindra. My wife recently joined Mahindra with 7 years of IT experience. Today, both our lives are balanced as we adjust our work hours to reach home together!

We recently had our first child. Our teams backed us during this time while the company provided me paternity leaves and a ‘work from home’ arrangement. We were also granted travel and medical policies during the pregnancy. Everything was made easily accessible, and it was phenomenal to realize Mahindra’s devotion towards its employees.

It amazes me, at Mahindra, that nothing is followed blindly but done with a wholesome spirit.

My journey with Mahindra has been an interplay of empowerment and fun. It is learning knowledge and experience interfused into one big package for professional success.

Has your company got to offer as much as Mahindra?

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