Growing and Learning at Mahindra AFS

Mahindra AFS Shyam Somani

A world full of growth prospects with ample freedom to experiment – this is what you should expect when you join Mahindra.

When I heard of Mahindra coming for campus recruitment, it invoked an overjoyed drive in me to work! With excitement and a tad apprehension about starting out in the corporate world, I set foot at Mahindra’s Nashik plant. I was awestruck by the plant’s grandiosity and spellbound by the synergy of the plant’s functions.

It was the perfect example of efficiency paired with precision. And what was even better—I was a part of it!

An Unconventional Beginning

Like everyone else in my college, I joined Mahindra as a Graduate Engineering Trainee (GET). I started my training at Nasik Plant. On joining, I was expecting a set of instructions about how to proceed with work. Instead, we were asked to give suggestions as to how Mahindra can improve. That moment revealed a realization to me that my experience here is going to be unconventional. Mahindra generously allows an employee liberty of work, something that any college graduate yearns for!

Emphasis on Learning

I started fresh and gradually transformed into a professional. Mahindra places immense focus on learning. The Mahindra Technical Academy (MTA) is dedicated to this purpose. Before joining the R&D department, we underwent extensive training that helped us while working on the actual process.

The words of the erstwhile Dean at MTA, Mr. Nitin Ranade, still ring true for me, “You have to cover four years of product development cycle in four months.” The training was instrumental in turning amateurs from college to passionate professionals. In fact, I got a chance to work on a live project from day one of the training. The deadline was set, and we were given a chance to lead without any barriers to experimentation.

 Shyam Somani Mahindra AFS

Incredible Support

As we progressed, we were given a lot a responsibility along with support from our superiors. At Mahindra, the top management is always ready to help.

As Mahindra has an established presence since a long time, the common notion assumes it employs formulaic methods of leadership. But it’s quite the contrary! Young leaders are encouraged to share their ideas and vision with senior leaders.

This is the formula to an environment that is conducive to progress. A constant learning curve arises with the perfect combination of flexibility and assistance provided by our leaders.

Ease at Work

The effort that Mahindra puts in to make work easy and fun is incredible. There is a dedicated EVP zone for employees. We have options to choose our timings, and our suggestions to change the way things work are more than appreciated. There is a chance to explore and experiment without any departmental barriers impeding our attempts.

Volunteering opportunity on Sundays at MRV has been a very valuable experience in my journey at Mahindra. Every Sunday sees kids from nearby village assemble at MRV to learn Spoken English from the employees under the aegis of ESOPs (Employee Social Options). The quality time spent with the kids on the weekends fills us with limitless energy and gives us the satisfaction of leaving a positive mark in the society.

With a mammoth R&D Division, the countless opportunities to learn have made my journey at Mahindra tremendously rewarding!

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