Excelling Where Few Mark Benchmarks

Rasika Khadse's journey“Rasika, one of our young talented engineers who designed a robotic hand in the Innoworks sandpit.” – Anand Mahindra

These words have resonated with each of my contributions aiming to be first time right. Mahindra has moulded us to be accomplished professionals of varying purposes in our everyday routine.

The Seven Year Journey at Mahindra

My journey with the automotive industry has had irony striking me every step of the way. The general mindset of people in the automotive fraternity envisions it to be a male-dominant industry. However, Mahindra defied that generalisation. I set foot in a healthy environment, where my experiences were welcome by colleagues and seniors for excelling in multiple projects. Certainly, it wasn’t a cake walk, but my excitement towards exploring different areas became the driving factor.

Rasika Khade's Mahindra Experience

Why is Mahindra the Best Place to Start your Career?

Mahindra has reigned over the automotive industry since years. It is quite a challenge to work on numerous projects in this organisation. In fact, these challenges strengthen me to go beyond my targets. Moreover, as a female employee, I am inspired by the authentic culture that exists in Mahindra. It is comfortable to approach our team members or seniors regarding new concepts or ideas.

The Life Changing Moment

In 2013, I had designed and developed a robotic hand for door slam test at MRV System Evaluation lab. This palm was innovated for a door slam test that checks door performance.  In 2014, this creation was placed for a demo in the MT lab. It was then that Anand Mahindra who had come to inaugurate the ceremony visited me personally. I was called the ‘young talented engineer.’ Moreover, Mr Mahindra pictured this auspicious moment in my life and tweeted it in words that surely will keep me motivated throughout my life. My work was thoroughly appreciated; indeed my hard work had finally paid off.

Rasika Khadse's journey

The Biggest Strength of Mahindra – CRUSADE

Crusade embodies three pillars – First Time Right (FTR), Every Time Right (ETR), Delighted Customer Experiences (DCE) and Employee Value Proposition. A happy customer experience comes about through simplicity, standardisation and digitisation. Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is an excellent activity started in our organisation. I have to say that Mahindra has a great work environment and culture that aids us to grow both professionally and personally. Working in Mahindra is a battle of zero defects with the technology. I believe that crusade is something that makes Mahindra what it is today. It is all about continuous improvement of products through innovative thinking and benchmarking.

Employee Centric Policies

Furthermore, Mahindra gives a six-month maternity leave which is beyond what one can ask for from his company. It also grants us travelling facilities. The Learning Management System (LMS) is an eternal boon to us. It is a bundle of in-house knowledge. Our HR organises training programs through E-learning – an exceptional access to various modules.

Mahindra, In a Nutshell

Mahindra is an unparalleled platform to fulfil your professional conquest.  It has not only shaped me professionally but also taken utmost care of the work-life balance. Today, my husband and I are working in the same organisation, and we haven’t felt the slightest incidence of stress or work pressure looming over our family life.

I have gained a lot in Mahindra, and it’s time I add to the organisation’s success for many more years to come. I am extremely grateful for the support that I have received at Mahindra.

Are you grateful for your work?

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