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Sandip says Mahindra's work culture is employee driven

At Mahindra, there is no limit imposed on your growth curve; there are infinite opportunities to become a better professional.

Beginning as a Trainee and graduating to a Manager, my Mahindra journey spells growth. I was appointed a Trainee at the Bolero Body Shop in Nashik. Since then, I have been a part of multiple projects. The pertinent guidance from mentors has helped my growth.

When Mentors Are Guides

Having worked on vital projects like Bolero and Scorpio, I feel closely knit with each one of them. Each project carried abundant learning opportunities. My mentors ensured the knowledge I gained on these projects was implemted on other projects as well. They made me a better team player and helped me boost my managerial skills as well!

What Sets Mahindra Apart?

Mahindra’s work culture and employee-driven initiatives sets itself apart from any other organization. My Functional & Managerial skills are an outcome of Mahindra’s endless grooming. I have climbed the ladder to become the Manager of XUV 500 Body Shop; however, the learning opportunities haven’t ceased. Mahindra Institute of Quality and Mahindra Leadership University foster technical expertise in us and employees of other organizations. Empowerment-driven initiatives such as Emerging Leaders Program make us professionally adept.

Learning from Leaders

Leaders can truly inspire you. Dr Pawan Goenka personally interacts with us in the inauguration of Emerging Leader Program, yearly C1 Communication etc.  Apart from visiting the factories, the leadership emphasizes on the various milestones accomplished in the past quarter, year & also set guidelines for making us ready for Future challenges.

Such communication initiatives shape individuals into excelling their performance. These programs establish a direct rapport between employees and the leadership; thus, facilitating a healthy work environment.

Sandip's learnings at Mahindra

How does your organization impact your growth?

As a family member of Mahindra, we put our core values above everything else and propagate this attitude among all our employees.

Today, as I look back at my journey, there are notable differences in me both as a professional and as an individual. Mahindra has played a significant role in moulding me into the person that I am. Be it with empowering initiatives or a structured working approach; I have become a lot more self-aware. There is lot more to deliver in future and challenging journey to go at Mahindra.

What does your career have instore for you?


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