Driving Quality Drives Results

Mikku talks about senior leadership at Mahindra

At Mahindra, customer needs are paramount; and so are employee aspirations.

Chasing my dream to work with Mahindra, I arrived in Mumbai. And since then, it has been a tremendous learning. After beginning in Quality Department, I am currently working as Assistant Manager in the Manufacturing Quality Assurance Department of XUV5OO and KUV1OO.

Overcoming Barriers

Being from another part of the country, my beginning staged a language barrier. However, my HODs words, ‘Attitude is a Barrier, and not Language’ upturned that hindrance.

I started looking at complications with a positive approach. With time, my colleagues helped me with language, thereby solidifying my stance in the team.

Learning from the Best

Learning at Mahindra is a continuous process with leadership to guide you at each step. My Manager once told me “People never consider what you say, they believe in what you do. Don’t run behind results, strive for quality!” His words impacted my work at quality assurance department. I haven’t abandoned the importance of results, but thenceforth I strive for quality.

Sharpen the Saw

Spirituality at MahindraPhysical Sharpening includes the employees’ health. Mahindra OHC (Occupational Health Centre) had organized various campaigns to raise awareness about good health, started diet food facility, etc.

Intellectual Sharpening helps Mahindra focus on the intellectual growth of staff members. This is the reason MLU (Mahindra Leadership University) Programs, various online courses, offsite workshops, etc were set up.

Spiritual Sharpening is one of the most important pillars. This pillar helps us focus on our inner growth and peace especially with the way in which the festivals are celebrated irrespective of diversity.


Mahindra’s spirit about executing the tasks on time is warranted during delivering services. For this, we adopted CRUSADE.

CRUSADE’s primary three motives are—first time right, everytime right and differentiated customer experience. And to ensure the same, we setup various initiatives in manufacturing.

During this process, I learnt that the international customer standards & requirements were different, nonetheless quality standards the same. following Crusade, won us various awards for customer satisfaction and on-time delivery in the export department.

Getting First Time Right product is a principle we live with, and any errors in execution are eliminated with proper communication and training & initiatives, thereby ensuring First Time Right is elevated to being Every Time Right.

In the course of my journey, I have realised that Mahindra prioritizes employee as well as customer welfare.

What does your organisation focus on?

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