Climbing the Ladder at Mahindra

Ajay Shahpurkar's Mahindra Experience

Complete trust motivates us and empowers us to exceed boundaries.

My brief stint at Mahindra as a DTE (Diploma Trainee Engineer) from 2001-2005 laid the foundation of an exciting journey that got me to join Mahindra in 2011 as an Assistant Manager in the Engine Assembly Department. Today, I manage the Engine Assembly as a Deputy Manager in the organization.

Vibrant Work CultureAjay Shahpurkar's Quote

The time I spent at Mahindra as a DTE from 2001- 2005 left me greatly impressed with the work culture at Mahindra. While I switched organizations for four years, the culture of collaboration at Mahindra pulled me back! The vibe at Mahindra is such that it puts a person at ease and provides the right platform for them to deliver and grow. Culture at Mahindra can transform its employees into strong leaders.

The one thing that drives me at Mahindra is the kind of support that one receives when undertaking a new challenge or performing tasks. Team support, coupled with quick decision-making by the senior management makes the team push limits and accomplish new goals!

During my tenure as an assistant manager, I was given a project that required us to increase the production capacity. Despite being a newcomer, the confidence that the leadership showed in my abilities motivated me to achieve the required target within a month’s time. This, in turn, gave a boost to my confidence and made me realize nothing is impossible!

The challenges that came my way helped me discover my potential and push boundaries.

How have you exceeded your limits at work?

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