Candid Conversation with Dr. Pawan Goenka

Dr. Pawan Goenka-Mahindra

In a crazy rush of thoughts, my heart began to beat faster, “What am I going to wear? Do I need to prepare a speech? What do I say when I meet him? What is he going to be talking to us about?” As days passed, the excitement grew, and the anxiety building up within!

The day finally arrived. I was up early, ready in a crisply ironed new shirt, polished shoes and stood there in front of my mirror anticipating how the day was going to unfold. And as it did, it left me with surprise and yet extremely relaxed!

I sat there with my sleeves rolled up, engaged in a deep conversation. What followed was an hour of free-flowing discussion revolving around idea-sharing and feedback on various happenings at the company. What was surprising was the ease with which this conversation flowed. “I never thought that sharing a meal with the Executive Director would be this easy!”

We were 10 of us, from different locations, all meeting with the sole objective of meeting Dr. Goenka over lunch. We knew no more about this when we got selected! The question that ran through our mind was – What can I talk about when I meet him?

Through our lunch, there was a realization. The conversation that started with greetings soon turned into an intense discussion. I was surprised to find myself interacting proactively. Soon enough I began to feel connected to the bigger purpose of the business. It is here that the question was answered!

If I had to describe my experience in one line, it was“A space of complete self-expression!”

Connecting to discuss our views, to idea sharing, there was engagement and interaction. There were laughs and yet some serious talk, and yet there was comfort and excitement, not to forget some good food too!

After our lunch, I walked out with a sense of pride, a broader perspective on the company I work with and a strong relationship built! Let me ask you, when was the last time you sat down to eat lunch with the Executive Director of your company? I just did!

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