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Shashank Jidigonti MahindraExperience

Encouragement and recognition from senior management at Mahindra keeps you motivated and thrilled.

Starting out in 2010 as a GET in the Kandivali plant, I work as a Senior Engineer today. Being the first job, I was unsure about fitting into the role. The first 6-8 months were about gauging areas needing gradual improvement. My seniors put a lot of faith in me with any opportunity that came along. They made it a point to interact personally. This created a comfortable work environment.

Incredible Experiences with Mahindra

Since I worked in the Farm Division, my job entailed visiting fields often. It was at the Shivpuri testing site where I first saw a tractor being tested. We tested the tractors on ghats [valleys] to gauge their performance.

Meeting and interacting with people from various units, and subsequent product launches boosted my confidence. Within a year itself, I was enthusiastic to learn and work on new projects that increased my self-belief.

I moved into the MRV division in October, 2012. This transition meant more projects and responsibilities along with freedom to take your decisions. I travelled across India to visit multiple test terrains. This made me realize that you can never gauge the performance of an engine in closed conditions. You need to know different terrains and peoples’ expectations of the tractor. Fieldwork made my job challenging yet interesting. These challenges helped me evolve as a professional.

Customer Satisfaction Mahindra

Machines and Emotions

We had been on customer visits when one of them shared his story with us. He bought a Mahindra tractor 20 years ago and used it till date. When he got married 10 years ago, he did something that won our hearts over. Instead of taking the first couple photos with the family, he clicked one with the tractor. That’s when we realized the emotional connect people had with our products. These surreal experiences changed my perspective towards products and product development.

Valuing People

It was during the DFSS project, when some of us were nominated to present the project at the Business Excellence awards. It lasted for 2.5 hours where every member was allocated about 5 minutes to present their project. It was to be concluded with Dr.Goenka’s feedback on each of the presentations. He was kind enough to acknowledge each participant and share personal feedback. A personal appreciation coming from our then President warmed me up. This shows each person is valued here. Saying that I was thrilled would be an understatement.

Mahindra Innovation Award

For the same project, our team was awarded the Rise Award (Gold Medal) in Mahindra Innovation Awards. I was excited to find out that Mr. Anand Mahindra had tweeted our team’s photo. A man of his stature expressing his amazement for the projects was something that bewildered me.

I was the junior most member on my team. But my efforts were equally recognized. That’s immensely satisfying and encourages me to work better. Also, despite a beginner, I got to work at the forefront. It felt like working in a start-up.

It’s my team that believes in receiving criticism in the form of positive feedback, which holds us together.

How do you chart growth at your workplace?


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