Pratik Pillai Work Experience at MRV

Passion Meets Purpose at Mahindra AFS

Pratik Pillai Mahindra ExperienceMeet a balanced amalgam of staying true to your roots while embracing change at Mahindra.

It’s been six years of my auto-passionate enterprise in Mahindra. Within a span one year of my joining, I was assigned the prime responsibility of Material Specification for major Mahindra projects. This helped me enhance my learnings and gave a boost to my career. Mahindra offered a canvas to experiment with the Materials technology. It lent me an artist’s creative responsibility to innovate and render the vehicle’s overall look and performance.

Exercising Freedom Prudently

Complete freedom with boundaries, just a few directions, is conducive to growth. You’re entrusted full authority with your work, but guidance is always around the corner, whenever you need it. The immense trust in a newcomer as myself pushed me towards personal and professional growth. It almost resonated the ethic of a campus with numerous options to explore.

The Jeeto and KUV100 wonder balloons were one of our most significant projects shaping an unmatched experience in my tenure until today.

Rewards are Around the Corner with your performance

Rewards that we get from the management give us immense pride and inspiration. I have received an Employee of the Month award and various other Spot Awards. Such appreciation pushed me to excel.

Apart from the management’s efforts, what motivates us is customer satisfaction. I remember this particular incident where I happened to strike up a conversation with a policeman. As the conversation went on, he got to know about my involvement with Mahindra at which point he casually broke into praise for the Mahindra Bolero. While I already knew the safety factor the vehicle offered, he also told me about its smooth ownership of rugged terrains. That dose of feedback became one of my core inspirations to work even more tirelessly.

Culture at Mahindra

Dynamic Leadership

The first aspect you notice is the moment you step into our workplace: there are a large number of young leaders here. This not only accords us with the optimism that there is the opportunity for growth but cultivates an open culture. We are encouraged to take calculated risks and often, they have been incredibly rewarding. The communication flows seamlessly across different levels.

Key to Success at Mahindra

Just like our balanced work approach, our operations run balanced in rural and urban sectors. That has been the most crucial factor to our success. Not only do we cater to the urban regions, but also make comparable sales to our rural customers. In fact, the Farm Division at Mahindra is at par with its Auto Division. The ability to be home-grown as well as staying true to our roots has gained the country’s trust that makes us offer our best on the table. We create a society out of a nation, and we couldn’t be happier.

Days Ahead

When your passion becomes your work, it stops being monotonous. When I think about creating a product that’s heading out to the competition, I’m driven to make it exceptionally tough to beat.

I’m enamoured of being a material specialist and supporting the powertrain team in their efforts of building world-class vehicles.

What’s your passion at work?

Gayatri Khairnar Mahindra Experience

Keeping Passion Alive at Mahindra AFS

Gayatri Khairnar on leaders at Mahindra

Everyone at Mahindra is connected with a common purpose—delivering the best to your customer.

People at Mahindra AFS live their passion; my first day gave me a glimpse of that. It was the finale of the Auto Quotient (AQ) quiz. Joining Mahindra as a GET, witnessing that your work resonates your passion was fascinating.

The first few days, I attended an inaugural training in Pune, after which I moved to Pune. Within a year I made a department switch. I moved from tractor manufacturing to tractor process. People talk about having transformative journeys over the years; fortunately, I got to experience that in just one year.

Mahindra's focus on innovationCulture of Innovation

Mahindra has a lot of things brewing at a time; however, the abiding focus on innovation never tilts. Since I joined, I have seen the journey of two innovative projects – RGV and Capacity Enhancement. So, innovation isn’t just a claim; it’s a practice we live by. And this practice sets Mahindra apart, making it an ideal workplace.

Undergoing training is enriching, and so is training other people. It was quite a task when, for my first job, I was assigned to train the cell members. It was tough for me to take control of the workers, comprising of so many people twice my age. With my senior’s support, my anxiety grew into confidence. And it helped on several occasions in future.

For instance, I was chosen to host an annual function of C1 communication, it was my best experience to host a program in front such great corporate Leaders.

I did not consider myself capable of the task until my seniors once again encouraged and believed in my competency to take on the task. My performance turned out to be outstanding and everyone appreciated my efforts. One person I would like to credit a person to inculcate passion in the whole team is Mr. Shenoy.

Gayatri Khairnar learning at MahindraEmpathy Binds Us

Working in process engineering requires interaction with design, logistics, quality, and manufacturing departments. It gives me a better understanding of other people’s problems. And being a people’s person takes me closer to my BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of working with the core strategic team at Mahindra in the next five years.

Farmer is the Focus

One thing that makes Mahindra AFS a giant organization is—customer focus. At the heart of our efforts, lies adding value to farmers. When I am working on the same processes every day, a certain routine sets in. Setting each day apart is hard. However, the fact that every unit is making a difference in the lives of farmers keeps us passionate to achieve more every day.

How do you keep your passion alive?

Priyanka Khade Working at Mahindra

Paving Roads to Excellence

Priyanka Khade's diverse roles at Mahindra

The diverse work profile ranging across departments has made my Mahindra experience a spectacular sequence of achievement-filled moments.

A World of New Avenues

Flexibility to switch job latitudes makes each day challenging. Despite studying electronics, my work extends to production, mechanics and quality control. The liberty to expand horizons makes my job profoundly engaging.

I believe that accepting challenges and overcoming them is imperative to be a part of Mahindra. Working in manufacturing entails extensive fieldwork. I get an opportunity to leverage my work with robots and installations.

Also, the manufacturing department necessitates thorough teamwork. We have overcome personal limitations and play on team’s strengths to accomplish our targets.


Priyanka Khade environement in manufacuring sector

Encouragement at Each Step

I’ve found Mahindra to have a catalytic impact on my morale. Completing my first audit got me appreciation from our Head of Department. It was an overwhelming moment, to say the least.

Besides work, Mahindra organizes other periodical competitions. A sustainability competition is one such platform that saw me rubbing muscle with other employees. It helped me deal with my stage fright that’s been lingering since childhood. Another commendable feat was winning the Fire Fighting Competition.

An alternative platform I accessed was the much-coveted award from the Institute of Engineers. Winning the ‘Lady Engineer Award’ was a landmark achievement for me.

Changing Perceptions

I was the first female maintenance engineer when I joined Mahindra in 2014. Being the only female employee, it felt rewarding to have received immense support from the management. In fact, every time I would face a problem, my manager would encouragingly put me in the right direction.

Thanks to all the stakeholders in my journey, today, I work as Assistant Manager in Paint Shop.

Priyanka Khade winning Lady Engineer Award

The two year journey has chronicled the many challenging experiences I’ve locked horns with, in a department that’s generally seen to be skewed towards male employees. This journey of breaking stereotypes has helped me evolve in my personal and professional life. Mahindra has stood by me through and through.

When has your organization stood by your challenges?

Mahindra Experience

Building Lifetime Growth

Shashank Jidigonti MahindraExperience

Encouragement and recognition from senior management at Mahindra keeps you motivated and thrilled.

Starting out in 2010 as a GET in the Kandivali plant, I work as a Senior Engineer today. Being the first job, I was unsure about fitting into the role. The first 6-8 months were about gauging areas needing gradual improvement. My seniors put a lot of faith in me with any opportunity that came along. They made it a point to interact personally. This created a comfortable work environment.

Incredible Experiences with Mahindra

Since I worked in the Farm Division, my job entailed visiting fields often. It was at the Shivpuri testing site where I first saw a tractor being tested. We tested the tractors on ghats [valleys] to gauge their performance.

Meeting and interacting with people from various units, and subsequent product launches boosted my confidence. Within a year itself, I was enthusiastic to learn and work on new projects that increased my self-belief.

I moved into the MRV division in October, 2012. This transition meant more projects and responsibilities along with freedom to take your decisions. I travelled across India to visit multiple test terrains. This made me realize that you can never gauge the performance of an engine in closed conditions. You need to know different terrains and peoples’ expectations of the tractor. Fieldwork made my job challenging yet interesting. These challenges helped me evolve as a professional.

Customer Satisfaction Mahindra

Machines and Emotions

We had been on customer visits when one of them shared his story with us. He bought a Mahindra tractor 20 years ago and used it till date. When he got married 10 years ago, he did something that won our hearts over. Instead of taking the first couple photos with the family, he clicked one with the tractor. That’s when we realized the emotional connect people had with our products. These surreal experiences changed my perspective towards products and product development.

Valuing People

It was during the DFSS project, when some of us were nominated to present the project at the Business Excellence awards. It lasted for 2.5 hours where every member was allocated about 5 minutes to present their project. It was to be concluded with Dr.Goenka’s feedback on each of the presentations. He was kind enough to acknowledge each participant and share personal feedback. A personal appreciation coming from our then President warmed me up. This shows each person is valued here. Saying that I was thrilled would be an understatement.

Mahindra Innovation Award

For the same project, our team was awarded the Rise Award (Gold Medal) in Mahindra Innovation Awards. I was excited to find out that Mr. Anand Mahindra had tweeted our team’s photo. A man of his stature expressing his amazement for the projects was something that bewildered me.

I was the junior most member on my team. But my efforts were equally recognized. That’s immensely satisfying and encourages me to work better. Also, despite a beginner, I got to work at the forefront. It felt like working in a start-up.

It’s my team that believes in receiving criticism in the form of positive feedback, which holds us together.

How do you chart growth at your workplace?

Kunal Gupta's Mahindra Experience

Progressive Transformation at Mahindra

Kunal Gupta's Mahindra Journey

Every challenge at Mahindra gives an opportunity to transform your inhibitions into strengths.

The experience of shifting base from Rajasthan to MRV Chennai broke new ground for me, professionally.

Shaping Focus

After a year stint as PGET, at Mahindra, I was confirmed as a Senior Engineer in CAE Crash and promoted to Lead Engineer in four years.
My role entails maintaining safety regulations for vehicles, including any additional requirements focused on ensuring first-hand safety.
To meet safety norms, we construct a virtual model of a physical testing scenario. While performing this, we suggest design modifications at every level of the vehicle’s testing from the concept stage to the end product stage. We continue testing even post-production which fortifies the model’s production process.

Learning That Marked a Difference

In these four-and-a-half-years, learning that nothing is impossible at Mahindra takes the largest share of other learning experiences.
The TUV3OO project strikes relevance to that encounter. It was among the foremost exciting projects that met future requirements of an evolving auto-industry. I was tasked with designing the Interior Panel such that the IP meets safety norms. A fledgeling graduate, giving up emerged as the only way out. At that point, my manager motivated me to use my time wisely. And that made all the difference. What we designed stood as one of the landmark creations that met the needs of all functions involved.

In another instance, we had our eyes on aligning the KUV’s design with upcoming safety norms. Designed to meet specific safety levels, the senior management decided they wanted the KUV to tackle a new set of stringent safety norms. By then, we had frozen on the dies, and the production line had been set up. The challenge was to meet this requirement within the current assembly sequence. Once again, at the start, it seemed impossible. But over a window of 2-3 weeks, I devised a solution that found instant acceptability from everyone. It even passed the testing phases.

Kunal Gupta's achievements at Mahindra

Challenge, Experiment, Create!

Unique challenges call for unique handling strategies. Your seniors support you through and through without over pressurising on targets. Perceived as the collective responsibility of the team, challenges allow space for experiment; room for mistakes to thrive learning.

You’re recognised among the senior management who know you’re the architect behind ‘that feasible solution that dodged cost compromise.’

My room has a picture of the TUV and KUV placed where I can see them every morning, the two products I prize my work on, providing immense motivation to make future products.

My family is uber-proud of me. When they see the TUV or KUV, they’re elated to know I belonged to the team of 600 that worked to put the product on the row. There is a special association with the car which when is recognised by my loved ones renders a proud feeling.

Sticking By

This is what sets Mahindra apart because you can see your work around you, and your customers happily using what you’ve created.
Mahindra made settling in Chennai effortless. Every aspect of our personal need was offered due consideration. We have claim reimbursements, travel arrangements that are all digitised and conveniently available.

Stick to your work, and it will undoubtedly result in something good. It may seem troublesome at the start, but the end turns out to be incredibly satisfying.

Is there something you’re waiting for? Go all out and explore!

Working at Mahindra Jeetendra Mishra

Mahindra: The Achiever’s Utopia

Jeetendra Mishra's Mahindra Experience

My nine-year journey at Mahindra hasn’t been a mere add-up of years, but a cluster of wholesome experiences that each year brought on.

Scratching the Field

It almost feels as though MVML and I have grown together. Joining in 2008 as a GET at Chakan, I recollect that the plant was still in its nascent stage. Today, it has evolved to become a state-of-the-art, fully-automated, one of the finest facilities in India.

Within a year of setting up, MVML released Maximo. At that time, I worked in an executive’s role, before moving into a managerial role in the Factory Planning Department. Taking course from the grassroots to touching base as a manager, I have built my journey as an innovator.

Self-Development on a Treadmill

The critical experiences I collected along the way expanded my perspective across issues. Some of which include planning and readiness of service infrastructure, project management, concern escalation and timely resolution of the same.

Today, my prior experience helps me plan projects effectively, but that was never the end game. On learning about Mahindra’s Educational Assistance Policy, I upgraded my functional domain. It assisted me to complete my Executive Post-Graduation Program course in Business Management (EPGPBM) from Symbiosis, Pune.

Jeetendra Mishra Mahindra Awards

The Achievement Timeline

Mahindra has tagged along my growth from an executor to an innovator. As a team, we invented the friction roller bed (FRB) system as against existing power roller bed (PRB) system in the Intershop Conveyor. This earned us a Patent File Award certificate—an Engineer’s Oscar, signed by Mr. Rajan Wadhera – President Automotive Sector.

Mahindra has showered me with recognition and appreciation by felicitating my efforts with Excellerator award, 2 Rise awards at different levels and over 15 Spot awards. I have also won the Innovation Fair competition twice.

We were also recognised as the Best Innovative Department for the year 2016!

Nine Years of Nurturing

Mahindra is my first company, and I hope for it to be the last as well. My nine-year journey has been a climb towards the summit, where I have cultivated richer experiences with each passing year.

It transformed an inexperienced graduate to a dauntless professional. As the lyrics of a famous Bon Jovi track—Summer of 69 would have it, Mahindra has given me ‘the best days of my life’.

What’s your story been so far?

Working at Mahindra Sagar Polisetti

Meeting Success with a Tinge of Failure

Working at Mahindra I have enjoyed the freedom to explore, learn and grow at Mahindra. And most importantly, the feeling of overturning the conventional meaning of success with a tinge of failure on the way.

My first Mahindra experience was long before I joined Mahindra. I was on a road trip to Leh in a Mahindra Scorpio; the beast rode right up to the slippery slope of the Manali-Leh highway while others looked over stationary in their cars. Another instance was when I attended a photography expedition where I saw a picture of the Mahindra Tractor worshipped alongside a deity’s frame. I instantly felt a connect with the brand, and wanted to experience it up-close.

A New Beginning at Mahindra

A campus recruit into the company in 2012, I was a fresh graduate brimming with ideas. I was never asked to slow down or reconsider my ambitious ideas. My manager always motivated me to experiment without holding me back. Even if he thought I would fail, my attempts wouldn’t be dismissed under the ruse of failure. That helped me learn a great deal.

After the initial training, I was moved to the Fatigue Test Lab where I currently work as a Deputy Manager. Customer satisfaction sits at the core of my profile. We make sure that a car travels from point A to point B without facing the slightest snag in the delivery process. We ensure that our customers don’t frown upon their car’s performance. I was excited to be a part of the lab, and after four years of work, I am still in awe as when on my first day.

Working at Mahindra Sagar Polisetti

A Gradual Transition

Mahindra has not only made my work easy but also made my transition to Chennai effortless. Moving to Chennai was not as comfortable as I had expected. But it was only when I stepped foot in MRV did I feel at home. The intercultural environment helped me be at ease. From accommodation to food, the company aided my settling in phase till the last minute.

Essential Learning

I cherish my freedom at work. Mahindra has always given me opportunities to flex my wings. My most meaningful learning at Mahindra is to never stop learning.

How does your job enable personal success?

Mahindra AFS employee

Excelling Where Few Mark Benchmarks

Rasika Khadse's journey“Rasika, one of our young talented engineers who designed a robotic hand in the Innoworks sandpit.” – Anand Mahindra

These words have resonated with each of my contributions aiming to be first time right. Mahindra has moulded us to be accomplished professionals of varying purposes in our everyday routine.

The Seven Year Journey at Mahindra

My journey with the automotive industry has had irony striking me every step of the way. The general mindset of people in the automotive fraternity envisions it to be a male-dominant industry. However, Mahindra defied that generalisation. I set foot in a healthy environment, where my experiences were welcome by colleagues and seniors for excelling in multiple projects. Certainly, it wasn’t a cake walk, but my excitement towards exploring different areas became the driving factor.

Rasika Khade's Mahindra Experience

Why is Mahindra the Best Place to Start your Career?

Mahindra has reigned over the automotive industry since years. It is quite a challenge to work on numerous projects in this organisation. In fact, these challenges strengthen me to go beyond my targets. Moreover, as a female employee, I am inspired by the authentic culture that exists in Mahindra. It is comfortable to approach our team members or seniors regarding new concepts or ideas.

The Life Changing Moment

In 2013, I had designed and developed a robotic hand for door slam test at MRV System Evaluation lab. This palm was innovated for a door slam test that checks door performance.  In 2014, this creation was placed for a demo in the MT lab. It was then that Anand Mahindra who had come to inaugurate the ceremony visited me personally. I was called the ‘young talented engineer.’ Moreover, Mr Mahindra pictured this auspicious moment in my life and tweeted it in words that surely will keep me motivated throughout my life. My work was thoroughly appreciated; indeed my hard work had finally paid off.

Rasika Khadse's journey

The Biggest Strength of Mahindra – CRUSADE

Crusade embodies three pillars – First Time Right (FTR), Every Time Right (ETR), Delighted Customer Experiences (DCE) and Employee Value Proposition. A happy customer experience comes about through simplicity, standardisation and digitisation. Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is an excellent activity started in our organisation. I have to say that Mahindra has a great work environment and culture that aids us to grow both professionally and personally. Working in Mahindra is a battle of zero defects with the technology. I believe that crusade is something that makes Mahindra what it is today. It is all about continuous improvement of products through innovative thinking and benchmarking.

Employee Centric Policies

Furthermore, Mahindra gives a six-month maternity leave which is beyond what one can ask for from his company. It also grants us travelling facilities. The Learning Management System (LMS) is an eternal boon to us. It is a bundle of in-house knowledge. Our HR organises training programs through E-learning – an exceptional access to various modules.

Mahindra, In a Nutshell

Mahindra is an unparalleled platform to fulfil your professional conquest.  It has not only shaped me professionally but also taken utmost care of the work-life balance. Today, my husband and I are working in the same organisation, and we haven’t felt the slightest incidence of stress or work pressure looming over our family life.

I have gained a lot in Mahindra, and it’s time I add to the organisation’s success for many more years to come. I am extremely grateful for the support that I have received at Mahindra.

Are you grateful for your work?

Satellite offices

Working Closer to Home

Working at Mahindra

Revamping workspaces is more opportune now than ever. Burgeoning congestion, dilapidated transport infrastructures, public space constraints—all make up for a gruelling, long travel to work for office-goers.

What, in large measure, could comfortably bring down commute time?

Our Chief People Officer, Mr. Rajeshwar Tripathi potentially drew up a response with the Satellite Office Policy for Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.

In response to prolonged work commutes leading to productivity falls, Mr.Tripathi outlines his attempt to get into the model of creating Satellite Offices in such areas of Mumbai where a significant concentration of employee population is found, on an experimental basis.

He opened up on his vision, “We believe that besides taking care of people’s inconveniences, we would also be enabling them to be more productive.”

The policy extends to the officers whose roles can be productively executed outside the headquarters.

Rajeshwar Tripathi Satellite Office

A pre-ascertained fixed number of seats will be made available at the Satellite Offices on a first-cum-first-serve basis.

Mr. Tripathi further adds, “With this new policy, we expect people to save about 3 hours of travel time daily, which will in turn help improve their productivity and quality of life. To start off the experiment, we’re introducing a Satellite Office at one location. Based on the adoption of this unique policy, more Satellite Offices can be planned at other locations, as per the need. The organization expects people to make the best use of this opportunity and help us in meeting objectives without losing out on work outcomes.”

From the looks of it, Satellite Offices are set to create a constellation of efficiencies considerably improving work-life balance for employees.

Are you already excited to match signals with a Satellite Office? Tell us what you think about it below!



Driverless tractors

Redefining Farm Technology with Driverless Tractors

Driverless tractors MahindraIn a world that can’t stop raving about autonomous cars, Mahindra has notched up another degree by introducing driverless tractors.

As per a Goldman Sach’s report, the automation in farm technology, including autonomous farm vehicles, could increase farm yields a near 70 percent by 2050. With driverless tractors, Mahindra is set to make a notable contribution to the global yield increase.

The intelligent tractors are primed to address increasing demands, unsatisfying productivity, and labour shortage. The tractors will bring maximum benefits to small farmers and save costs on spraying, planting and harvesting.

AutonomousTractors promise power-packed features:

  • Auto steer feature enables the tractor to navigate in a straight line
  • Auto-headland turn allows the tractor’s navigation along adjacent rows without any interruption
  • Auto implement lift allows the tractor to lift the work tool from the ground
  • Skip passing lets the tractor move towards the next row without driver intervention

Besides operational efficiency, driverless tractors enable tractor safety with a Geofence lock, control via tablet user interface, and obstacle avoidance.

Driverless TractorsThe autonomous technology was developed in Chennai at the Mahindra Research Valley. The tractors will be commercially launched in three phases by next year. Initially, Mahindra will introduce automation-assisted tractors followed by quasi-driverless tractors. And finally, the driverless tractors will be unveiled. The tractors will be launched in the 20 HP to 100 HP segment.

This technology is slated to commence in Maharashtra, India. Moreover, it is planned to position this concept on global platforms across USA and Japan.

Overall, the technology is upgraded to invite farmers to access digitally advanced farming poised to achieve a promising outcome.

Dr. Pawan Goenka, Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M) said, “Our tractor R&D has always been at the forefront of pioneering cutting-edge solutions. Today’s display of the driverless tractor is another proud moment for us, as it opens up new possibilities in farming. We are happy to dedicate this innovative mechanization for the global farming community in line with our Farming 3.0 proposition”.

Farming 3.0 is a promise to deliver farm tech prosperity with increased professionalism, regard for the environment, and increase in the quality of farm yields.

How do you see global farming changing with this autonomous technology?