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The Balancing Act – Life as an Engineer, a Rider, a Blogger, a Photographer & a Reader

Sumit Shinde on Bike

As a professional with a fulfilling 9 to 5 job, I have often wondered what more I want from life. And I found the answer in Jack Ma’s biography – what you do after office matters a lot.

When I am not working, I am exploring different stories, places and perspectives. I like travelling to exotic locations and reading about the visionaries that shaped our world. Travelling from one place to another, one page to another, I have found my passion.

Exploring on two-wheels

A bike against the green fields enroute to Hampi
Enroute to Hampi

One of my favourite quotes says, “Cover the Earth before it covers you”. With this intention, my journey of a thousand miles has begun. The country offers a lot of terrains to explore. From mountains to deserts, I have explored various places. My fascination for mountains took me to Uttarakhand and Spiti Valley in Northern India. The experience of riding through mountains in dense forests with leopards, exploring wildlife at Jim Corbett and river rafting and trekking in the Himalayas has been exhilarating. I have also visited heritage sites of Hampi, Karnataka and marveled at the beauty of our ancient architecture. The serenity of the deserts in Rann of Kutch and Jaisalmer, the beauty of Jodhpur, the glowing fireflies in Bhandardhara, Igatpuri have enthralled me. Worshipping eight Ganeshas on my Temple Run (Ashtavinyak Trip) was divine.

Kartik Swami Temple, Uttarakhand
Kartik Swami Temple, Uttarakhand

Each of these trips has given me different experiences. I have been in awe of the diversity our country offers. These places introduced me to people who selflessly offered me food and accommodation, amongst other things. They helped me learn about local cultures and exposed me to new perspectives and ways of life and made me a storyteller. My experiences have been enriching, and I have penned them down so that everyone can get an authentic experience. Check it out here, and I hope it inspires you to pack your bags and head out for an adventure.

Between Pages

Whenever I get a few hours to myself, I pick up a book. My reading list includes biographies and autobiographies of
great adventurers and entrepreneurs like Jack Ma, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson. Their journeys have helped me with anger management as well as building my communication skills.

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Pursuing your passion

People often wonder how to pursue their passion with a full-time job. I have to say that I am a person who loves all things mechanical and have found a company that enables me to hone my interest in automobiles at work. And when it comes to following my interests post-work, I have found what works for me.

Exploring Himalayas

I have decided to defy the prevalent norm of working long hours at work, and I have found a company that seconds this belief. Our work culture enables me to have a proper work-life balance and to do things that I love, at work and beyond.

What passion have you pursued lately?

Krishna Mishra Mahindra Experience

Embracing Opportunities

Krishna Mishra's Career at Mahindra

Working with Mahindra and Mahindra for 10 years has offered me numerous opportunities and has made me comprehend how every idea is significant! When you get a chance to prove your calibre every day, what else can you ask for?

The Beginning

I joined Mahindra in 2006 as a Deputy Manager. The journey until today has been simply marvellous! Ever since I have joined Mahindra, there has been a sense of pride and it has not diminished at all. Mahindra is one of those companies in the country everyone always looks up to since its inception.

I remember, when I joined, the company was in the growing period. Initially, in the product design department, we were merely 23 employees. Now, we are a team of 230! Even though the management has transformed over the years, the heart of Mahindra has succeeded to remain the same. It has given us challenges to work upon and the management has guided us from time to time.

If you get up in the morning and are looking ahead to work for a variety of reasons, you know you are doing something right. At Mahindra, the work culture is one of the major reasons to attract me to work. There is a lot of empowerment that is given to the employees. Everyone enjoys the freedom to offer ideas and every single idea is taken into consideration. This helps us establish a healthy relationship with the management and promotes a productive environment.

Growing with Mahindra

The satisfaction of completing a challenging task based on the RISE pillars is what charges me up. Even when I think of the synergy, I get goose bumps. All these years, I have passed on whatever I have learnt to my team. My job has been simple– be the catalyst and motivate my team to do more. The team is also energized as they get the right platform to display their capabilities. At times, when you attain something excellent, Mahindra ensures you get the appreciation you deserve! This is something I have never seen anywhere. Another thing that makes this place unique is the fact that even failed innovations are rewarded. One’s effort and hard work never goes unnoticed.

Krishna Mishra talking about culture at Mahindra

I personally believe, if you have to rise as an organisation, you have to take fresh ideas forward. This is exactly why the concept of Young Mahindra has stood out. Last year, I was a part of the shadow board. Though we did not win, the experience was thoroughly enjoyable! It is an absolute privilege to offer ideas to the senior most executives of the organisation. It makes you feel like an important part of the organisation during your budding stage.

I have evolved with the organisation. There are endless options available that push you to accomplish more. All you must do is choose the one that will lead you to your ultimate goal!
Once, one of my colleagues had to go to his hometown to enhance his educational qualifications. I suggested him to do it within the organisation itself! This gave him the opportunity to work with his dream company and still pursue his studies! This is what helps to retain people.

Opportunities and RISE

When I joined as a Deputy Manager, I knew I had more potential. I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to work on a critical project, and it was undoubtedly a huge challenge. The leadership team then reviewed the project. I grabbed this opportunity whole-heartedly, and did my best. We were close to being the best in the industry! Such opportunities help prove your mettle!

RISE is what we live here every day. The targets are challenging and urge you to think alternatively. We are currently working on a lightweight truck that can carry the maximum weight in the world. It is going to be the world’s first light weight truck and hence there is no benchmark. Every step we take is towards innovation – we have even had few patents filed in! Targets are stretched every year and are so exciting that you are compelled to use the pillars – to innovate, to think, and to drive a positive change.

My Mahindra Moment of Fame

I have had many Mahindra moments but the one moment that meant the most was being a part of the shadow board! It gave me a different perspective altogether and a chance to know the business in a different domain. It cannot be compared to anything and it is one thing I will always cherish throughout my journey. Such opportunities aid you in nurturing novel ideas and going forward with the company!

Are you moving forward with your organisation?

Sandip says Mahindra's work-culture is employee-driven

Empowering Growth

Sandip says Mahindra's work culture is employee driven

At Mahindra, there is no limit imposed on your growth curve; there are infinite opportunities to become a better professional.

Beginning as a Trainee and graduating to a Manager, my Mahindra journey spells growth. I was appointed a Trainee at the Bolero Body Shop in Nashik. Since then, I have been a part of multiple projects. The pertinent guidance from mentors has helped my growth.

When Mentors Are Guides

Having worked on vital projects like Bolero and Scorpio, I feel closely knit with each one of them. Each project carried abundant learning opportunities. My mentors ensured the knowledge I gained on these projects was implemted on other projects as well. They made me a better team player and helped me boost my managerial skills as well!

What Sets Mahindra Apart?

Mahindra’s work culture and employee-driven initiatives sets itself apart from any other organization. My Functional & Managerial skills are an outcome of Mahindra’s endless grooming. I have climbed the ladder to become the Manager of XUV 500 Body Shop; however, the learning opportunities haven’t ceased. Mahindra Institute of Quality and Mahindra Leadership University foster technical expertise in us and employees of other organizations. Empowerment-driven initiatives such as Emerging Leaders Program make us professionally adept.

Learning from Leaders

Leaders can truly inspire you. Dr Pawan Goenka personally interacts with us in the inauguration of Emerging Leader Program, yearly C1 Communication etc.  Apart from visiting the factories, the leadership emphasizes on the various milestones accomplished in the past quarter, year & also set guidelines for making us ready for Future challenges.

Such communication initiatives shape individuals into excelling their performance. These programs establish a direct rapport between employees and the leadership; thus, facilitating a healthy work environment.

Sandip's learnings at Mahindra

How does your organization impact your growth?

As a family member of Mahindra, we put our core values above everything else and propagate this attitude among all our employees.

Today, as I look back at my journey, there are notable differences in me both as a professional and as an individual. Mahindra has played a significant role in moulding me into the person that I am. Be it with empowering initiatives or a structured working approach; I have become a lot more self-aware. There is lot more to deliver in future and challenging journey to go at Mahindra.

What does your career have instore for you?


Abhijit Raikar Mahindra Experience

Learning from Failed Innovations

Abhijit Raikar Mahindra Leadership

Mahindra, as an organization, reinforces the importance of trying more than succeeding.

In 2003, I joined Mahindra’s Farm Division in the Mumbai R&D department. 15 years later, I am here with more knowledge, experience and lot of memories. I currently work in the Advanced Technology and Service (ATS) department, which is the result of the merger of Auto and Farm Equipment sector. From developing futuristic technologies in ATS to working on fields in Farm Division, Mahindra has given me a comprehensive learning experience.

My Journey at Mahindra

After graduating, I joined Mahindra with an elated feeling of my first professional venture. The experience of working on a live project thrilled me when I saw a car rolling out of the factory. As a fresher, the feeling that Mahindra left me with, pushed me to deliver winning results. If you don’t feel the drive to work, you might not contribute your best.

Since the start, the company and the management created a space for innovation. Also, we always have opportunities to explore beyond our designated areas and projects.

Back in the days, our CEO wanted a dedicated team to work towards a solution for the manpower efficiency for farmers. We worked on the fields for fifteen days to closely see the farmers’ dependency on the ecosystem and their contribution towards the economy. In the end, we delivered apt products and services; whereby we learnt to approach a problem practically, to analyse the dimensions of a problem, and suggest solutions which benefit out end consumers.

The Essence of Mahindra

Mahindra’s leadership, among other things is what distinguishes itself strongly. I got to work with a variety of leaders with crystal clear direction, focus and foresight on customer satisfaction. Vision and ideas by the leadership are communciated and inculcated in us in a systematic way.

What sets Mahindra apart is the continual and unfailing encouragement. Mahindra innovation awards exemplifies this thought. Apart from the three winning categories, there is a fourth category named ‘Failed Innovations Award’ that demonstrates it doesn’t matter if you were unsuccessful, but it does matter that you keep going on.

I remember the patent award that was given to our team by the President of Mahindra. Until the award was bestowed upon us, we did not know the importance and value the company placed on our work. The award yielded positive pressure for us to improve our attempts. I think recognition and support are two sides of the same coin, both are essential in making your employees feel at home and successful.

Abhijeet Raikar on learning and innovation at Mahindra

How Mahindra Enables Wellness

When we initially moved from Bombay to Chennai, the company, particularly the HR team, helped me settle in no time. They took care of our accommodation, commute sources and food services. When you move states, it is a cultural shock. They provided us with a shuttle to go out of town and watch a movie every weekend. Each of us was given a vehicle and could take it outstation thrice a month. The company comforted our presence in the new place.

Mahindra even provided financial help. The company helped us find our house while covering the rent deposit. 4% of the house loan is relieved by Mahindra. My wife recently joined Mahindra with 7 years of IT experience. Today, both our lives are balanced as we adjust our work hours to reach home together!

We recently had our first child. Our teams backed us during this time while the company provided me paternity leaves and a ‘work from home’ arrangement. We were also granted travel and medical policies during the pregnancy. Everything was made easily accessible, and it was phenomenal to realize Mahindra’s devotion towards its employees.

It amazes me, at Mahindra, that nothing is followed blindly but done with a wholesome spirit.

My journey with Mahindra has been an interplay of empowerment and fun. It is learning knowledge and experience interfused into one big package for professional success.

Has your company got to offer as much as Mahindra?

Rajesh Vishnupuriakr Mahindra Experience

Mahindra Brings Out the Best in You

Rajesh Vishnupurikar Global Sourcing ProjectAlign yourself with the organisation’s goals and great opportunities will come your way

Fostering Innovation

Joining Mahindra was like stepping into a land of opportunities. I started my career in Mahindra as a Vendor Development manager. However, post the organisational restructuring, I got a chance to work with Casting Forging, Engine, and Transmission. The two and a half years that I spent there were challenging and rewarding.

My team and I introduced MNT40. The concept was already in place when I joined, but the drawings weren’t released. We toiled on it for a year and a half, and it has been a huge milestone for our LCV business. This move proved advantageous for us as well as our customers.

Learning Opportunities

I got to learn many valuable lessons from my colleagues. Working with great minds enhances your learning curve extensively. During my one-and-a-half-year stint in the Strategic Sourcing Unit, the purchasing for all the departments at Mahindra was merged. This gave me a chance to work with stalwarts like Hemant Sikka, which was a fantastic experience.

My promotion increased my responsibilities – now, I handle the Engine and Transmission Aggregate. My experience has led me to think not only from the organisation’s point of view but also from the customer’s perspective.

However, learning opportunities at Mahindra extend beyond the organisation. My visit to China for the Global Sourcing Project gave me cross-learning opportunities from Global OEM suppliers. Mahindra, being a global brand, has OEM requirements at par with its Global counterparts. These visits required more preparation and pro-activeness on our part due to language barriers and global standards expected from us.

Grwoth opportunites at Mahindra

Sharpening My Skills

If you have a desire to learn, the organisation will fulfil it. I wanted to pursue an MBA but wasn’t eligible for Strategic alliance due to specific application criteria. However, the leadership still sanctioned my request and supported my dream of completing an MBA from the SP Jain Institute. Apart from financial assistance, I was also given flexible work hours.

While learning Managerial Principles in college, I was simultaneously applying them at work. That really helped in reinforcing my learning.

Constant Growth

The six years that I have spent at Mahindra have been filled with a lot of challenges and experiences. I have also been able to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Each role that I was given, bestowed me with tremendous growth opportunities.

If I had to describe my journey with Mahindra, I would call it a life-changing experience.

How would you describe your work experience?

Mikku Matthew Mahindra Experience

Driving Quality Drives Results

Mikku talks about senior leadership at Mahindra

At Mahindra, customer needs are paramount; and so are employee aspirations.

Chasing my dream to work with Mahindra, I arrived in Mumbai. And since then, it has been a tremendous learning. After beginning in Quality Department, I am currently working as Assistant Manager in the Manufacturing Quality Assurance Department of XUV5OO and KUV1OO.

Overcoming Barriers

Being from another part of the country, my beginning staged a language barrier. However, my HODs words, ‘Attitude is a Barrier, and not Language’ upturned that hindrance.

I started looking at complications with a positive approach. With time, my colleagues helped me with language, thereby solidifying my stance in the team.

Learning from the Best

Learning at Mahindra is a continuous process with leadership to guide you at each step. My Manager once told me “People never consider what you say, they believe in what you do. Don’t run behind results, strive for quality!” His words impacted my work at quality assurance department. I haven’t abandoned the importance of results, but thenceforth I strive for quality.

Sharpen the Saw

Spirituality at MahindraPhysical Sharpening includes the employees’ health. Mahindra OHC (Occupational Health Centre) had organized various campaigns to raise awareness about good health, started diet food facility, etc.

Intellectual Sharpening helps Mahindra focus on the intellectual growth of staff members. This is the reason MLU (Mahindra Leadership University) Programs, various online courses, offsite workshops, etc were set up.

Spiritual Sharpening is one of the most important pillars. This pillar helps us focus on our inner growth and peace especially with the way in which the festivals are celebrated irrespective of diversity.


Mahindra’s spirit about executing the tasks on time is warranted during delivering services. For this, we adopted CRUSADE.

CRUSADE’s primary three motives are—first time right, everytime right and differentiated customer experience. And to ensure the same, we setup various initiatives in manufacturing.

During this process, I learnt that the international customer standards & requirements were different, nonetheless quality standards the same. following Crusade, won us various awards for customer satisfaction and on-time delivery in the export department.

Getting First Time Right product is a principle we live with, and any errors in execution are eliminated with proper communication and training & initiatives, thereby ensuring First Time Right is elevated to being Every Time Right.

In the course of my journey, I have realised that Mahindra prioritizes employee as well as customer welfare.

What does your organisation focus on?

Bhshan Madyalkar's Mahindra Experience

An Employee’s Value at Mahindra

Bhushan talks about Mahindra's dedication towards  its employees

Mahindra, being a manufacturing organisation, places an exceeding value on employees when held in the purview of the industry.

New Beginnings

It’s been six months from when I took office as Senior Manager of the CECM (Civil Engineering and Construction Management). In this stretch, I have come to realize that Mahindra’s dedication towards its employees is far beyond what’s dictated by industry standards.

I got acquainted with Mahindra while working as a consultant. Being employee-oriented, it encourages us to think differently, take calculated risks, and work on diverse projects, and that is what enticed me to work with Mahindra.

My first-leg at Mahindra

As newcomers, we are expected to adapt to new environments. Mahindra eased this process for me.

Thanks to the ‘buddy-mentor system’, we’re acquainted with a ‘buddy’ more like a friend who helps us through our early days. A buddy helps you adapt with the environment; so effortlessly, where I got around the routine struggle of getting a cup of coffee from a rather unfamiliar coffee machine in earlier days.

That greatly eased my stress of dealing with a brand-new work environment after 15 years of experience in the previous company.

Bhushan explains the buddy-mentor program

The Future at Mahindra

Leadership at Mahindra is a huge pillar of support. Their encouragement has pushed me to front challenging projects and learn new things. I aspire to spearhead the in-house design department. With my contribution to the designing team, I want to support not only a section of the organization but the entire Mahindra Group! I am eager about what future might behold as new and challenging projects drop by.

How do you envision your future?

Anupam Gupta Mahindra Experience

Working in an Inclusive Environment

Anupam Gupta learning Vehicle ManufacturingWhen you work in your area of passion, your job becomes more interesting and fulfilling.

Just mentioning brand Mahindra is more than enough to generate excitement for any newcomer. When I entered Mahindra as a GET, I had my own perceptions about the organisation. But the induction sessions clarified all our preconceived notions and gave us a clear idea about the vision and mission of the organisation. The presentations conducted by leadership helped me blend into the organisation easily.

Freedom to pursue your interests

When I joined Mahindra, I was assigned to the Design Department. In my first year, I was introduced to a lot of new things and my colleagues were always there to provide guidance. Although working at Design was a great experience, I was always interested to work with the Techno Commercial Department. Mahindra took care of my wishes and a year later I was assigned to CDMM.

Bringing out the Best in You

Challenges make you a better person, personally as well as professionally.  Throughout the 5 year journey at Mahindra, the organization has given me a host of opportunities to learn as well as perform. It started with ABS implementation, under regulatory government norms, moving on to 33 brake bunches, design feasibilities, and a lot more with crunched timelines and running production lines. All of this, along with meeting the set milestones enhanced, not only my product knowledge, but also helped boost my hidden managerial skills.

Maintaining Work-life balance

Equal Opportunities for Everyone

Mahindra provides equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their gender. There is no discrimination at work. The solution-oriented approach of the company is very reassuring. Automobile Manufacturing does seem like a man’s world but every woman working at Mahindra is given an equal chance to grow and prove her talent.

A safe and healthy work environment has always been the key focus area for our company. Backed up with a host of women-friendly policies related to travel safety, POSH internal committee, maternity and many more, working at Mahindra makes you feel secured and helps you focus on work and be productive.

A Life-Changing Experience

Mahindra has changed my life positively in many ways. Despite the work pressure, maintaining a wholesome work-life balance is possible. The lessons learnt here have helped me to tackle challenges in my personal life as well.

Does your work enrich your personal life?

Shakir Sayyed's Mahindra Experience

A Chance to Explore New Career Opportunities

Shakir Sayyed's Mahindra Experience about learning

Three Different Roles at Mahindra can be summarized in one word – Learning.

I joined Mahindra in August 2010 and began working as a part of the Mahindra Heavy Engines team. After that I helped set up the IT support center in Pune. A couple of years ago when there was an operational restructuring, I chose to become a part of the Business Engagement Team, which is the front face of the entire IT function. These job rotations have helped me evolve constantly, personally as well as professionally. The training sessions helped me transition to new projects in a smooth manner.

Fueling Our Desire to Learn

Shakir Sayyed's quoteCompleting an MBA from Pune University had been on my bucket list for a while but I couldn’t pursue it due to financial restrictions. Fortunately, my dream came true after Mahindra sponsored 90% of my fees. But that wasn’t all. Mahindra offered me support at every level. I was given flexible work hours so that my college lectures and submissions weren’t affected. I was comfortably able to maneuver and balance my work and campus commitments.

The seminars and workshops conducted by Mahindra helped me a great deal in my preparations.

Inspiring Leadership

Besides learning, another aspect that shaped my career at Mahindra was the conducive environment. Each one of us has the freedom to speak our mind. We are all on a first-name basis with our leadership. There is a sense of liberty which lets you spread your wings and fly without inhibitions.

The encouraging work culture at Mahindra keeps me going. I have adopted a ‘never give up’ approach which helps me outperform myself each time. And that, I feel is the only way to grow.

Does your workplace inspire you to grow constantly?



Climbing the Ladder at Mahindra

Ajay Shahpurkar's Mahindra Experience

Complete trust motivates us and empowers us to exceed boundaries.

My brief stint at Mahindra as a DTE (Diploma Trainee Engineer) from 2001-2005 laid the foundation of an exciting journey that got me to join Mahindra in 2011 as an Assistant Manager in the Engine Assembly Department. Today, I manage the Engine Assembly as a Deputy Manager in the organization.

Vibrant Work CultureAjay Shahpurkar's Quote

The time I spent at Mahindra as a DTE from 2001- 2005 left me greatly impressed with the work culture at Mahindra. While I switched organizations for four years, the culture of collaboration at Mahindra pulled me back! The vibe at Mahindra is such that it puts a person at ease and provides the right platform for them to deliver and grow. Culture at Mahindra can transform its employees into strong leaders.

The one thing that drives me at Mahindra is the kind of support that one receives when undertaking a new challenge or performing tasks. Team support, coupled with quick decision-making by the senior management makes the team push limits and accomplish new goals!

During my tenure as an assistant manager, I was given a project that required us to increase the production capacity. Despite being a newcomer, the confidence that the leadership showed in my abilities motivated me to achieve the required target within a month’s time. This, in turn, gave a boost to my confidence and made me realize nothing is impossible!

The challenges that came my way helped me discover my potential and push boundaries.

How have you exceeded your limits at work?