At Mahindra AFS, sky is the limit!


“Our staff retention strategy is based on the premise that people stay with us by choice. They are here because they want to be with Mahindra.”

After being listed in the top 50 ‘Great Places to Work’ in India for three consecutive years, Mahindra and Mahindra has yet again proved their potential as an organisation. In a recent interview with Rajeshwar Tripathi [Chief People Officer, Mahindra Automotive and Farm Equipment Sectors], he shared his views, strategies and experiences at Mahindra AFS.


How do you hire and groom fresh talents?
The process of recruitment in the industry has become quite challenging. With the explosion of the economy, different sectors have to look into the same sources of talent. Our goal is to prepare freshers for taking up higher responsibilities and roles as future leaders. Therefore, there is a lot of attention on rotation within and outside the organisation. This gives them exposure in a lot of fields within AFS, and helps them to see the business from different perspectives. Our brand image and employee value proposition (EVP) has helped us to attract some of the best talent.

How do you build your future leadership team?

Today, the business environment is dynamic and comes with its own set of challen­ges. Hence, we have a clear strategy to build and nurture leaders for today as well as tomorrow through a structured talent management programme. In fact, we believe in nurturing talent and leaders from the very initial stage within the organisation.

Know more about our grooming practices at Mahindra AFS on this blog.

What about your appraisal policy and strategy and their impact on employees?

The appraisal system in Mahindra AFS has a three-fold objective: pe­rformance assessment, fee­dback & development and rewards. Our emphasis has always been on the alignment of indivi­dual goals with organisatio­nal goals. Our PMS has helped Ma­hindra to strike the fine balance between tasks and people.

What strategies have you developed to retain talent?

Our staff retention strategy is based on the premise that people stay with us by choice. They are here because they want to be with Mahindra. Pride, camara­derie and engagement defi­ne us as a great place to wo­rk. Mahindra Rise philosophy is at the centre of all EVPs, which is a key driver for engaging people through our offerings and opportunities. The three strong pillars of EVP are – Empowering environment, Recognition for outperformance and providing Abundant learning opportunities.

What are the growth opportunities that an employee gets while working here at Mahindra AFS?

I can easily say, for anyone who is ambitious enough at Mahindra, the sky is the limit! At AFS, we follow a strong HR policy that recognises positive attributes of pe­ople and prepares them for new and dynamic roles.

In this process, we use various tools, which include job enrichment, job rotation, cross-functional deployment and lateral mo­vements, to provide growth opportunities to all.
What significant changes have you introduced on the HR front in your company?

It’s a matter of pride that our Automotive & Farm equipment Sectors business been announced among the top 50 ‘Great Place To Work’ in India, for the last three years in succession. And this has only been possible because all of us have collectively made a difference.


We have strived to make HR a ‘change catalyst’ within our organisation. At the core, of course, remains our primary focus of HR being an employee champion and accountable for the last mile delivery of the people processes.

As technology is changing very fast, how do you upgrade and fine-tune of skills?

In a changing environment, upgradation of skills is of utmost importance, especially in the automotive domain where changes can be swift and sweeping. Changing expectations and challenges also make it important for people to acquire new skills, including mindset and leadership styles.

Our 3E approach — Experience, Exposure and Education has helped us in a huge way. We are now taking steps to further digitalise learning and leverage platforms for the development of our people.

You handle HR of both Automotive and Farm equ­ipment sectors. Do they ne­ed different types of people and skill development programmes?

Both the sectors have a lot of similarities and synergies in terms of talent acquisition and management, especially in the senior positions, where the leadership requi­rements are the same. Synergies in capability building are very high. It’s only the role-based capability at the operating and managerial levels that are business-specific’. So, we have a decentr­alised or localised approach to capability building.

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