An Employee’s Value at Mahindra

Bhushan talks about Mahindra's dedication towards  its employees

Mahindra, being a manufacturing organisation, places an exceeding value on employees when held in the purview of the industry.

New Beginnings

It’s been six months from when I took office as Senior Manager of the CECM (Civil Engineering and Construction Management). In this stretch, I have come to realize that Mahindra’s dedication towards its employees is far beyond what’s dictated by industry standards.

I got acquainted with Mahindra while working as a consultant. Being employee-oriented, it encourages us to think differently, take calculated risks, and work on diverse projects, and that is what enticed me to work with Mahindra.

My first-leg at Mahindra

As newcomers, we are expected to adapt to new environments. Mahindra eased this process for me.

Thanks to the ‘buddy-mentor system’, we’re acquainted with a ‘buddy’ more like a friend who helps us through our early days. A buddy helps you adapt with the environment; so effortlessly, where I got around the routine struggle of getting a cup of coffee from a rather unfamiliar coffee machine in earlier days.

That greatly eased my stress of dealing with a brand-new work environment after 15 years of experience in the previous company.

Bhushan explains the buddy-mentor program

The Future at Mahindra

Leadership at Mahindra is a huge pillar of support. Their encouragement has pushed me to front challenging projects and learn new things. I aspire to spearhead the in-house design department. With my contribution to the designing team, I want to support not only a section of the organization but the entire Mahindra Group! I am eager about what future might behold as new and challenging projects drop by.

How do you envision your future?

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